Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap


Eucalyptus Goat milk soap!  Eucalyptus is known to be a very powerful decongestant.  Could possibly help with nasal congestion, respiratory issues, muscle soother, etc.  (I make no medical claims)

Good old fashioned goat milk soap. Made from fresh squeezed goat milk straight from the herd of spoiled goats. Goat Milk soap has many benefits. The natural cream in the goats milk helps to moisturize your skin. Low Ph level due to the caprylic acid in the milk. Goats milk has many vitamins and other essential elements for your skin.

Gentle cleanser, while helping clear your mind.

ingredients: fats and oils, fresh goat milk, shea & cocoa butters, tusslah silk, sodium hydroxide, eucalyptus oil.

 Please note the picture is for reference only, these are nice 5 -/+ oz bars.