Real Texas Goat Milk Soap is hand made and hand cut, here at Serbin Ziegen with fresh goat milk and hand picked vegetables, fresh teas, infusions, etc.     These are luxurious soaps made with skin loving oils. There is no added water in any of our soaps.

Skin is your bodies largest and quickest growing organ, Pamper yours with our soaps and skin care products.

These are very moisturizing soaps but have no extra chemical additives, I try to stay as natural as possible. They are also enriched with the additions of shea, and cocoa butter.

I milk our small herd of French Alpine Dairy goats for the freshest milk possible. All of our goats are spoiled and answer to their own names, which for some reason still impresses my husband after all these years that I can call out for one doe and here she comes a running.

I also accept custom order requests, if you have a special soap or fragrance you would like, just email me.  Wholesale and resale are available too.

PLEASE NOTE: That I usually have more soap on hand than what is listed here so if you would like more please email me.  Purchases over $50 have free shipping.