Whipped Body Butter


Moisturizing body butters made with raw shea and cocoa butters.  Whipped to light airy consistency, goes on smoothly.  These butters melt on our body, replenishes your skin to silky smoothness.  Works great for dry cracked skin: hands, feet, etc.

You pick the scent, if you want one.  I can also add glitter to your body butters, just send me a note that you would like it added.
picture is for reference only. 6 oz jar.

These are butters, they will melt and if melted they will settle further into the jar.

**NOTE** As hot as it is, these will melt during shipping.  If you are local you can pick up your order so they do not melt.

**You are acknowledging your body butter will most likely melt during shipping, if you purchase between 5/1/2023 and 10/15/2023.**  I will place them inside a ziplock bag to help prevent spillage if shipped during this time.  There will be no refunds for melted product, you purchase these at your own risk during the above dates.

  If it's really hot when they arrive let them cool before opening, you can even place them in the fridge first if you like.